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About Us

Kristen Evans

Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador, R-Certified Consultant, Interlocks Professional, Former Sisterlocks Trainer

Hi I'm Kristen! I've been Sisterlocked and loving it since February 2011! What a rewarding journey it has been! Friends, personal hair care is not easy! Neither is styling, depending on your hair type. Tried relaxers, but they left my hair looking and feeling unhealthly. Tried free natural - other people loved it, but I had the hardest time finding styles (which was frustrating cuz I love doing my own hair)! By God's grace, I finally came across Sisterlocks™! Gorgeous! Shortly after my SL establishment, I began managing my own locks and quickly realized the ease of care and all my styling options. I'm sisterlocked for life! Ive been working with and studying Sisterlocks™ and Interlocks since 2011; my business officially started August 2013. I'm quite the perfectionist! I specialize in creating/maintaining lock grids and healthy locks. 

These two factors provide my clients with noticeably, remarkable styles! Other enjoyments: relaxing with my fam and friends, traveling, learning new things, reading, playing sports, inner-city ministry... The list could go on! In short, I adore doing life together in love, laughter, joy, and sincerity. Let's get your lock journey started, so we can walk it together!

Ron Evans

Interlocks Professional & Sisterlocks™ Trainee

Hello I am Ron Evans! A husband and father of three. I have been an entrepreneur pretty much my entire life. I think I get it from my father lol. I work several businesses from home, which allows me to spend a lot of quality time with my children which is the most important thing to me. I first learned of Sisterlocks™ from my lovely sister . Prior to her getting them, I was never really very fond of locs. Once I saw them on her, I realized Sisterlocks™ were completely different from dreadlocks - much more natural and very professional. I was on board! I love having brotherlocks™!! My son even has them now! I love what I do and good at it! I am very excited about assisting you and others with their lock journeys! Treating people the way I want to be treated is one of my life mottos... My locs are very well kept and healthy. This is my desire for your lock journey. I look forward to having the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


As of February 2021, RKNaturals has serviced a documented total of 300+ clients with their Sisterlocks™ and Interlocks journeys. We have counseled many others on their lock journeys! We're excited about increasing Florida's Sisterlocks/Interlocks population! We love what we do! And are blessed to be blessings! We aim to keep our clients happy and their journeys healthy!!! Clients love benefiting from our teamwork that's great quality, drama-free and time efficient!! Below are some examples of our work, and some client testimonies: (To read comments, click the pause button.)

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