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Mentoring and Scholarships


Are you ready to take the next step toward your dreams by becoming a Sisterlocks Consultant??? Or are you currently a Sisterlocks™ Trainee/Consultant and need help growing your biz quickly??? Or are you maintaining your own locks (whether they be Sisterlocks™ or Interlocks), but have concerns/questions about your lock journey??? LET US HELP YOU!!!

Become A Sisterlocks™ Consultant!!! To find a class near you click here... After registering, find a mentor(s)! Your business will grow faster in quality and quantity with the right mentor. Let Us Help You!!!

Are you a Single Mother/Father, aspiring to be a Sisterlocks Consultant, but your situation(s) or finances are keeping you from pursuing this dream??? Let Us Help You!!!

Save Money & Learn How To Retighten Your Own Sisterlocks!!! Contact Us!!! Let Us Help You!!!

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