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RKNaturals offers great quality that's time efficient!!! Trained by Dr. Joanne Cornwell and Master Trainer, Celeste Geary, Dr. Joanne's sister - you're in great hands with RKNaturals! Hopefully, you've already read our About Us page, in order to view our stories and see more pics of our work. With our business ethics, Sisterlocks™ training, hair locking experience, and love for people, we seek to provide you with the best lock journey possible. Our Goal: Happy Clients with Healthy Locks and Scalps... Clients often speak of enjoying our salon vibes. We are welcoming, professional and love to have a great time!! RKNaturals is a Drama-Free Zone!!


Sisterlocks™ Establishment Consultation: $50

Deducted from your SL establishment fee . Must be prepaid. Non-refundable. Generally lasts 1-1.5 hours.

Sisterlocks™ Establishment: $1,000/3in, then approx. $200 per inch thereafter

Includes Consultation, approx. 2 day establishment, and 3-4 week follow-up appt (1st Retightening). Price based on hair length/density/curl type and head size.

Interlock Establishment: $800/3in, then approx. $150 per inch thereafter

Includes Consulation and approx. 1 day establishment. Price based on hair length, desired lock size, and hair density/type.

Establishment Security Deposit: $250

Deducted from lock establishment fee; this non-refundable deposit secures dates for lock establishment.


Sisterlocks™ Transfer Consultation: $30

One-time fee. Must be prepaid. Non-refundable. Generally lasts 30 minutes.



ALL Retightenings w/Ron: $130 for 2hrs, then $8 each 15 minutes thereafter.


With 4-8 weeks of new growth, most retights will last 2hrs. His baseline pricing is $120 (for retightening times 2 hrs or less).


Sisterlocks and Interlocks Retightenings w/Kristen: $160 for 2hrs, then $15 for each 15 minutes thereafter.

With 4-8 weeks of new growth, most retights will take 2hrs. Retightening times lasting 1 hour are $120, and those lasting 1.5 hours are $140.






Sisterlocks™ Grooming & Repair w/1 Consultant: $60/hrly

Interlocks Grooming & Repair: $60hrly

One Consultant Only

Sisterlocks™ Products: $15 per product

Retightening Class: $300 (1 on 1) or $250 for 2-4 clients

2.5-3 hour class; $85 due at registration, and remainder is due 3 days before the class date

Sisterlocks™ Mentorship for Consultants & Trainees:

For Trainees & Consultants ONLY. Mentorships offer hands-on experience and quick biz growth! Coaching is available via live video, phone, or in-person.

Establishment Mentoring Fee: $400 for 4hrs

Retightening Mentoring Fee: 1st 30min FREE, then $50/hrly

Referral Program: $20 off your next retight when a client you've referred gets their Sisterlocks™ established by RKNaturals!!!


By scheduling your appointment(s) with RKNaturals, you agree to the above charges and statements provided on this page.

Only clean hair will be serviced (must be washed within 24 hours of your appointment); a cancellation fee of $75 will be charged, if your appointment is cancelled due to unclean hair. FACIAL MASKS ARE REQUIRED for all appointments.

No visitors during Establishments, Retightenings, and Grooming/Repairs. As an exception, arm babies and respectful kids, aged 4-11, are welcome. Otherwise, please secure a sitter prior to scheduling your hair appointments or call us in advance of your appointment with your concerns/questions.

Tardiness: Please call/text, as soon as possible, if you foresee tardiness. As our schedule permits, a 15 minute grace period will be provided with prior notice to set time; 30+ minutes tardy is treated as a "no show client". Those who are more than 30 minutes late or "no show clients", may be subjected to forfeit their appointment and reschedule, thus incurring a cancellation fee of $75. YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TIME IS THE START OF YOUR APPOINTMENT - even if you are tardy - the retightening fee begins at that time.

Cancellations: We understand life happens, so please inform us of a needed cancellation as soon as possible. Providing 48-hour advance notice of cancellation, gives clients on our waiting list an opportunity to schedule sooner than later. If you have repeatedly cancelled your appt within 48 hours, we will charge a $75 fee for each subsequent cancellation - due before your next appointment(s). No exceptions. If canceling a SL establishment within 48 hours of your appointment, the reservation/security deposit will be kept by your SL professional; the full amount of establishment will be charged at the rescheduled SL establishment.

No Show Client: If you have cancelled an appointment repeatedly without a 48-hour notice, a $75 fee will be charged for each subsequent cancellation done within 48 hours, due before your next appointment.

ALL payments for services must be prepaid, unless otherwise stated by your lock professional. No change is provided. We accept cash, debit card, and credit card payments with the Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, or American Express® logo. Credit/Debit card and Cash App payments will be charged a processing fee of 2.85% per $100. We also accept Zelle. 

For establishments, a $250 non-refumdable deposit is required to reserve your 2 days. Half the remainder of your balance is due at the beginning of the 1st day of your establishment. The balance is due at the beginning of the last day of installation. If paying your lock establishment with a credit card or using Zelle, your establishment fee must be fully processed on the 1st day of your establishment.

All pictures taken by RKNaturals are the sole property of RKNaturals and may only be used for marketing our products and services. We will respect you and your lock journey at all times, even on social media. RKNaturals expects our clients to reciprocate the same toward us and our business at all times, even on social media. If ever you have questions or concerns, contact us as soon as possible. We want you happy and your lock journey healthy!

Service charges and terms within this agreement are subject to change; please verify this doc before your appt. By scheduling your appointment(s) with us, you are in agreement to the above charges and statements provided on this page.

Receipts are available upon request.

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